1-31-17 blog

Mia is having a flashback to a time with her dad when they were playing checkers and she has this flashback while Gramps is talking to her body in the hospital. He tells her that it is ok if she wants to go and that it is ok to stop fighting. Mia appreciates this and thanks him for it although he cannot hear her. I think that Mia is going to go because this point in the book is pretty sad because she is going into surgery because she is not looking too well. I predict that she will go because it is not really worth putting the people she loves in so much stress to see her fighting and them fighting for her. I think it would be best if she just leaves and give everyone some time to get over it so they don’t have to see her in anymore pain.


1-30-17 blog

Mia is now going into surgery because her stomach is filled with fluid from an unknown reason. Mia is contemplating if she should stay or go. This decision quickly becomes even harder for her after she realizes that Teddy is gone too. Towards the end of this time span of the book, Mia thinks this: “I’m not sure this is a world I belong in anymore. I’m not sure that I want to wake up.”

1-26-17 blog

A song that this point in the book would remind me of is a sad song that would just be a piano playing. This would remind me of the point of the book I am in because Mia is in the ICU and is having flashbacks to some of the best and most fun times of he life that she just really wishes she can go back to at this point considering her condition. She flashes back to some of her best memories with Kim and Adam and Teddy and the great people she met at music camp all the summers she attended. This point in the book is starting to get really sad because she is seeing her family and the people she loves in her life struggle and worry about her because she is in grave condition.

1-25-17 blog

From my reading today, Mia is having a flashback to a summer music camp she had been to when she was younger. The camp was for musicians and she went to play her cello. She talks about the fun times she had and the great people she met that summer. There is a solo the camp does every year that is awarded to one camper, the best one. Finally, after four years of attempting she got the solo and got to perform with the professor. I am having a hard time making a connection to my life so I just talked about what I read today.

1-24-17 blog

In the future in the book, I think all of her home family will be dead. I also think considering her condition now that she will decide her fate. That she will decide her future based on if she wants to live or not. I think she will stay. I am predicting this because why would she not go on any longer if she still has Adam and Kim (her boyfriend and best friend). I feel that Adam and Kim’s relationship with her should be enough motivation for her to stay in life instead of just choosing not to go on anymore.

1-23-17 blog

I didn’t find any good quotes for the little I read today, so I will just explain what is going on in the book at this time…It is early night time in the book and Adam’s (Mia’s boyfriend) band is supposed to be having a concert tonight, however Adam has cancleled it and has just arrived at the hospital to see Mia. Kim (Mia’s best friend) went and got him and told him the news and her condition. He arrives at the hospital striving to see Mia. This is what happened from what I read today!

1-20-17 blog

Now in the book, Mia has just had a flashback to one of her favorite nights of all time when Adam. It was Halloween. Adam’s band had a costume concert at a club that night. Adam dressed as Mozart and Mia dressed as a rocker girl, I guess you could say. The reason why this night is so important to Mia is because it was one of the first times ever that she felt like she actually fit in with other people and didn’t feel like she was different from everyone else, her family and Adam. This flashback ends with a romantic moment when Mia talks about how that night, she questioned Adam on whether or not he liked her better the ways eh was, than normally. In response, Adam did nothing but assure her that he was in love with the true Mia, and that the same Mia was yesterday, is the same Mia that he fell in love with months ago, and is the same Mia that he will love tomorrow. In reaction, Mia feels nothing but lucky to have him as her own.