1-18-17 DIR Blog

From  what I read today, Mia (main character) is still having an out of body experience where she sees herself in the hospital after the extremely terrible car accident. She has a flashback to a time when her mom took her to a casino and Mia watched as her mother was gambling like a pro. Where I ended today was right before her grandparents (gran and gramps) were just about to see her state of condition in the hospital. This part of the book where Mia is having an out of body experience, reminds me of an episode of one of the shows I watch called The Blacklist, when Agent Elizabeth Keen (main character) is taken hostage and the people that took her hostage attempt to retrieve an extremely vital memory from her past that she no longer remembers. The reason they try this is because the if they retrieve her memory, they will have an important piece of government information that no one else does.


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