1-20-17 blog

Now in the book, Mia has just had a flashback to one of her favorite nights of all time when Adam. It was Halloween. Adam’s band had a costume concert at a club that night. Adam dressed as Mozart and Mia dressed as a rocker girl, I guess you could say. The reason why this night is so important to Mia is because it was one of the first times ever that she felt like she actually fit in with other people and didn’t feel like she was different from everyone else, her family and Adam. This flashback ends with a romantic moment when Mia talks about how that night, she questioned Adam on whether or not he liked her better the ways eh was, than normally. In response, Adam did nothing but assure her that he was in love with the true Mia, and that the same Mia was yesterday, is the same Mia that he fell in love with months ago, and is the same Mia that he will love tomorrow. In reaction, Mia feels nothing but lucky to have him as her own.


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