2-28-17 blog

Today a new character, Alaska was introduced. She lives in room 48 and Chip and Miles go there to get some cigarettes. Chip tells Miles to call him the Colonel and that Miles nickname would be Pudge. I think Alaska will run away and she will leave everything behind her and just leave, or she will get abducted and taken away, kidnapped. I am loving Looking For Alaska so far and am eager to keep reading. John Green is a great writer.


2-27-17 blog

Over the weekend, I finished Where She Went by Gayle Foreman. Now, I am reading Looking For Alaska by John Green. I have read 2 by John Green already including The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns so I think this one will be good to considering Green’s unique and creative style of writing. I am not that far into it, but from what I know so far, the narrator is a kid names Miles Halter who is just starting his junior year at a boarding school in Alabama. His roommate is a kid named Chip Martin.

2-23-17 blog

A song that would be playing in the book now is a sad song that gradually becomes a happy song. This would go well with the book because Adam walks around Mia’s house and sees pictures of everyone but him. However, when he makes her coffee, she wakes up and offers him a spot at the table to eat some cereal with her. The chapter ends with Adam saying “I’m not hungry, but I sit down anyway. Because my place at the Hall dinner table has just been restored.”

2-21-17 blog

At this point Mia and Adam have argued on the bridge, and now, they are both at Mia’s house sleeping on her couch. Adam gets up and starts to look around her house. It seems that all the pictures are the same from when she grew up. Her house looks the same as it was where she grew up, just in a different place.

Friday 2-17-17 blog

In the book now, Mia and Adam are furiously yelling at each other. Mia admits that the whole time she should have told Adam she was breaking up with him earlier instead of just leaving him. Mia also admits that this whole entire time she has hated him. Hated him because he begged her to stay. And not leave with her family which would have been the easiest way out. Her not having to live a life full of sadness, anger, and grief. Mia walks off the bridge in New York and Adam is now on the bridge by himself, yelling and crying in guilt and anger.

2-15-17 blog

Adam is now having a flashback to when he and Mia went camping in a forest back in Oregon. Mia mentions how she is scared and doesn’t like camping at all. This connects to my life because i have been camping before and it was awful. Nothing really made it awful I just hated being around all the bugs and creatures it grossed me out.