3-30-17 blog

today based off of what i read, the music playing in this book would be a laid back, soft kind of tone off music because pudge and alaska are just sitting in the woods together, drinking on campus, and talking about life and stress and classes.


3-28-17 blog

today i read that after alaska’s room got flooded, that aslaska had ratted out marya and paul. which means she snitched on them and made up a story about them when she got caught by the eagle after hours trying to leave campus. my prediction is that alaska and the colonel are going to come up with an extremely evil plan the avenge what happened to alaska and her room on the day of the rain…

3-27-17 blog

Today i read that pudge and the colonel were sitting in world religions class when they realized that alaska had skipped class. when they got out, she was running at them full speed and had claimed that some dudes had flooded her room in the rain. that they poked a hole in the gutter and connected a plastic tube to the back window of her room and that most of her books were ruined…….

3-22-17 blog

I left off today when Miles is at the culver creek “nothings” basketball game. The Colonel yells something to the opponent, as always. However, this time, the guy he shot the remark at was running towards them and threw the ball at pudge (Miles) on their way sprinting out of the gym. Pudge throws on his “date’s” jeans and self-diagnoses himself with a concussion.

3-8-17 blog

This book cracks me up. It is absolutely hilarious. I left off today hen the colonel (Chip) and Pudge (Miles) were at the first culver creek basketball game of the season and chip got kicked out for the 37th game straight. Chip remarked that he had a stream to maintain and ┬áthe reason he got kicked out was because the opposing coach complained to the ref and encouraged the ref to kick him out and he did just that. The reason the popping coach was getting annoyed was because Chip was yelling funny things out of the student section like: “Good God please shave your back hair…or, I need to be saved, will you minister me after the game”? (they were playing a Christian school).