4-5-17 blog


3-8-17 blog

This book cracks me up. It is absolutely hilarious. I left off today hen the colonel (Chip) and Pudge (Miles) were at the first culver creek basketball game of the season and chip got kicked out for the 37th game straight. Chip remarked that he had a stream to maintain and ┬áthe reason he got kicked out was because the opposing coach complained to the ref and encouraged the ref to kick him out and he did just that. The reason the popping coach was getting annoyed was because Chip was yelling funny things out of the student section like: “Good God please shave your back hair…or, I need to be saved, will you minister me after the game”? (they were playing a Christian school).

3-6-17 blog

A quote i read today that stood out to me is that when Miles was in his World Religions class, his teacher, Dr. Hyde mentioned a quote that stood out to me. Hyde remarked, “For we are engaged here in the most important pursuit in history, the search for meaning”. This stood out to me because in our world today everyone is trying to find their purpose in life and what they believe is their meaning for living.

3-1-17 blog

Today I read and there were 2 new characters introduced: Marya, who was supposed to be Alaska’s roommate, and her boyfriend, Paul. The part I read today talked about how they had gotten in trouble the year before now by committing 3 of Culver Creeks main offenses all at the same time. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time…I am excited to see what comes next in the book. I love how Green’s writing automatically hooks you and how you don’t have to wait for the climax for the book to get good like some other books.

2-15-17 blog

Adam is now having a flashback to when he and Mia went camping in a forest back in Oregon. Mia mentions how she is scared and doesn’t like camping at all. This connects to my life because i have been camping before and it was awful. Nothing really made it awful I just hated being around all the bugs and creatures it grossed me out.

1-25-17 blog

From my reading today, Mia is having a flashback to a summer music camp she had been to when she was younger. The camp was for musicians and she went to play her cello. She talks about the fun times she had and the great people she met that summer. There is a solo the camp does every year that is awarded to one camper, the best one. Finally, after four years of attempting she got the solo and got to perform with the professor. I am having a hard time making a connection to my life so I just talked about what I read today.