4-7-17 blog

i left off today when pudge and takumi are doing their part of thew pre-prank and they light a fuse and run…..the prank they are planning is extremely psynchronised and everyone needs to be perfect in their part for it to go right or else they are screwed.


3-3-17 blog

After Miles gets thrown in the water duct taped, he managed to get out after an extreme effort. He comes back to the room and wakes up Chip. Miles explains what happened and Chip is extremely surprised, and said they were just supposed to throw you in the water, because it happens to everyone on their first night. After Miles showers and gets some clothes on, Chip explains to him that they are going to figure out who did it and get them back in due time. The last thing i read, is that Chip, remarked that this is now war…..

Friday 2-17-17 blog

In the book now, Mia and Adam are furiously yelling at each other. Mia admits that the whole time she should have told Adam she was breaking up with him earlier instead of just leaving him. Mia also admits that this whole entire time she has hated him. Hated him because he begged her to stay. And not leave with her family which would have been the easiest way out. Her not having to live a life full of sadness, anger, and grief. Mia walks off the bridge in New York and Adam is now on the bridge by himself, yelling and crying in guilt and anger.

2-3-17 blog

This book is really good so far. It is basically just eulogy about what happens after the first book and where Mia and Adam are at in life three years later.  Adam is having a flashback to four days after the accident when Mia awoke. Six days after, her grandfather told her about her family, but they were confused because she seemed to already know. Mia had to have her knee set back up with pins and had to have skin replaced from her healthy knee to cover her bad knee. She got accepted into Julliard. Her grandparents told her the day they told her about her parents and little brother. But the question now is will she accept or not?

1-30-17 blog

Mia is now going into surgery because her stomach is filled with fluid from an unknown reason. Mia is contemplating if she should stay or go. This decision quickly becomes even harder for her after she realizes that Teddy is gone too. Towards the end of this time span of the book, Mia thinks this: “I’m not sure this is a world I belong in anymore. I’m not sure that I want to wake up.”

1-26-17 blog

A song that this point in the book would remind me of is a sad song that would just be a piano playing. This would remind me of the point of the book I am in because Mia is in the ICU and is having flashbacks to some of the best and most fun times of he life that she just really wishes she can go back to at this point considering her condition. She flashes back to some of her best memories with Kim and Adam and Teddy and the great people she met at music camp all the summers she attended. This point in the book is starting to get really sad because she is seeing her family and the people she loves in her life struggle and worry about her because she is in grave condition.