4-6-17 blog

today i read that alaska, pudge, takumi, and colonel are planning a prank on the weekday warriors that pranked alaska…the kind of music that would be going on right now in the book is a suspenseful type of music because they are planning the prank and hoping to get revenge on the weekday warriors that flooded alsaska’s room.


3-30-17 blog

today based off of what i read, the music playing in this book would be a laid back, soft kind of tone off music because pudge and alaska are just sitting in the woods together, drinking on campus, and talking about life and stress and classes.

3-3-17 blog

Today, I left off when Miles or Pudge was trying to get to sleep but there is no air conditioning in the dorm rooms so he slept lightly. He aroused a couple hours later to two big hands gripping his body and pulling him out of bed. They carried him to the fake beach they called it which was where people went to smoke. The two guys taped his arms together and his legs together. The last thing I read is that they threw them in the water…..

2-23-17 blog

A song that would be playing in the book now is a sad song that gradually becomes a happy song. This would go well with the book because Adam walks around Mia’s house and sees pictures of everyone but him. However, when he makes her coffee, she wakes up and offers him a spot at the table to eat some cereal with her. The chapter ends with Adam saying “I’m not hungry, but I sit down anyway. Because my place at the Hall dinner table has just been restored.”

1-19-17 blog

Mia is still in the ICU (intensive care unit). After Mia’s grandparents have a conversation with the nurse and see Mia’s condition, before they leave the room, her grandfather (gramps), says something interesting to her grandmother (gran). Gramps says, “do you think she decides?” And since her grandmother has a belief in angels, he was referring to deciding her death. She is in control. Will she stay with Teddy or Adam, or will she go because she no longer has her parents? (Hint the book title If I Stay).