4-12-17 blog

Pudge and Takumi almost get caught running in the woods when the swan bites pudge in the butt and they fortunately make it back to the barn and update each other on where they are at in the plan process.


2-2-17 blog

Today, I started Where She Went, the sequel to If I Stay. This book is a lot different than the first one. It is different because it is told by Adam, not Mia. The book starts about three years after the fatal accident. Adam is taking the day off and canceling his meetings for the day because he is “overtaxed”. He passes Carnegie Hall and reads the headlines: “CELLO PERFORMANCE MIA HALL”. At first, he can’t believe his eyes. It is sold out, but he gets a rush ticket anyway, and goes to listen not to see her. He has a new girlfriend, Bryn.