4-12-17 blog

Pudge and Takumi almost get caught running in the woods when the swan bites pudge in the butt and they fortunately make it back to the barn and update each other on where they are at in the plan process.


4-6-17 blog

today i read that alaska, pudge, takumi, and colonel are planning a prank on the weekday warriors that pranked alaska…the kind of music that would be going on right now in the book is a suspenseful type of music because they are planning the prank and hoping to get revenge on the weekday warriors that flooded alsaska’s room.

3-28-17 blog

today i read that after alaska’s room got flooded, that aslaska had ratted out marya and paul. which means she snitched on them and made up a story about them when she got caught by the eagle after hours trying to leave campus. my prediction is that alaska and the colonel are going to come up with an extremely evil plan the avenge what happened to alaska and her room on the day of the rain…